Increased data integrity Rapid provision of capacity Reduced downtime Increased resilience to non-authorised attempted access to data Pro-active rather than re-active approach This has been the focus of our technical team since the beginning of 2020, an objective to ensure that our platform has multiple redundancies, improved scalability and strict network security.   What this means [...]

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Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) Checks featured added to InterpreterLine

Busy with New Features for InterpreterLine Our technical team don’t sit on their laurels, hitting the road running come January, they have been working on new features for our InterpreterLine product.  For LSP’s, being able to flag that one of their clients only wants BPSS checked interpreters, can be pretty important.  We already had this [...]

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#TwoTapsToTalk! See how at the ATC Language Industry Summit next week

According to Clear Voice Interpreting Services, that’s how quickly Clients can connect to an interpreter using the Miton Systems iLClient app for their Interpreterline platform - #TwoTapsToTalk! We are delighted that Anna Ware, Director from Clear Voice will join us on Thursday afternoon in our sponsored session, when we talk about intelligent technology and how [...]

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Silver Sponsor of the ATC Language Industry Summit 2019

A year on from our first sponsorship of the ATC Language Industry Summit in 2018, we are pleased and excited to be supporting this year’s summit, taking place London’s maritime centre, Greenwich. The summit’s focus on small businesses, the use of automation and AI in innovation and as an enabler of global communications fits well [...]

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It’s been a while…. But look what we have been doing

So it’s been a while, well more than a month in reality - but we have been pretty busy on the development front. Our hottest releases and probably the most useful for LSP’s are our iLInterpreter  and  iLClient  Apps, now released for final testing with some of our customers. As mentioned in the last blog, the [...]

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InterpreterLine: New Features Through Listening to Needs

Our Language Service Providers customers, who offer telephone interpreting, drive the development of the new features that we incorporate into InterpreterLine- an intelligent telephone interpreting platform for language service providers and translation agencies. Sometimes these can be minor tweaks, sometimes more major additions or add-ons, but rest assured however minor they might be from a [...]

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We have the Experience and Technology to help you Build and Maintain Your Telephone Interpreting Business.

We say many things on our website about our InterpreterLine product, (telephone interpreting platform for LSP’s) that quite frankly, if I was visiting our website I would want qualified and quantified. So, here goes! Getting started with us, and the ‘set up’ required to use our InterpreterLine platform, we state is a ‘low investment’ and ‘low [...]

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New InterpreterLine Feature: Client Call Rating 1 – 5

We have been adding lots of new features to our InterpreterLine our intelligent telephone interpreting platform for Language Service Providers. LSP clients now have the ability to leave feedback on the quality of their call to an interpreter, at the end of their call.  They can rate the call from 1 - 5 , when [...]

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Telephone Interpreting Services are booming….

But how do they actually work?  This was the starting point for our recent article for the ITI-  but interestingly we examined a little how this market has evolved, or is evolving. Well the telephone interpreting aspect that is because of course that’s a new development for the language market particularly brought on through the needs [...]

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ATC Partner of the Year Award

What a surprise that was!  There we were, day one of the ATC Summit over - we had met some really interesting people and some great new contacts - all dressed up in our ‘glad rags’ at the Gala dinner, and listening to the awards section and MITON were called up to receive the prestigious [...]

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