We have been adding lots of new features to our InterpreterLine our intelligent telephone interpreting platform for Language Service Providers.

LSP clients now have the ability to leave feedback on the quality of their call to an interpreter, at the end of their call.  They can rate the call from 1 – 5 , when 5 is the best.

The feature of course is optional and can be switched off by the LSP through a series of check boxes, to suit client needs.  Even if the feature is available for the client they still have the option at the end of the call not to leave a rating.

For the LSP, we have added some nifty features – the Sessions report shows any call ratings of a 3 or less, in Red so that you can easily identify those less than optimal ratings, and check out what the problem was, impressing your client with your quality control.

As with all of our new features, if you are already an InterpreterLine customer, you can find out more details about this new feature and how to activate it for your clients, and all of the other new features, in the New Features tab of the  Main Menu in InterpreterLine

Sue Quelch