Increased data integrity

Rapid provision of capacity

Reduced downtime

Increased resilience to non-authorised attempted access to data

Pro-active rather than re-active approach

This has been the focus of our technical team since the beginning of 2020, an objective to ensure that our platform has multiple redundancies, improved scalability and strict network security.   What this means is, we have ensured duplication of critical components and functions of our InterpreterLine platform to both improve actual system performance and increase reliability.

What did we do?

  • Implemented multiple system redundancies
  • Improved scalability – InterpreterLine is now reactive to loads/peak calls
  • Reduced outages
  • Improved data security



Fig.1:  System redundancy diagram showing system in good state



Fig 2:  System redundancy diagram showing how our systems handle a problem on one of the servers

How did we do it?

We have replaced all network equipment with state-of-the-art replacements.  This enables us to utilise virtualisation and spin up a ‘virtual server’ (rather than a physical server) in under a minute!  This means that when we need to increase capacity to cover call volumes, we can – with a single click! We have capacity forecasting, which means that we can monitor network traffic and capacity on our telephony servers in real time which sends us alerts if they get too high.

We have increased security by achieving full network segregation ensuring private data cannot be exposed directly to the internet.  This has been achieved by implementing full network segregation between internet facing servers and highly sensitive database and file storage servers.  We now have a Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) installed at the edge of the network, with learning capabilities that defends against botnets and malware further protecting your data.

What does it mean for InterpreterLine customers?

We have moved from re-active to pro-active with our forecasting and ability to adapt to expanding capacity.  We are already planning for our customers future capacity and usage needs, with our next generation tools and devices.

The potential for outages has been reduced to a minimum through the resilience measures put in place and we are working towards achieving 99.99% availability which means no more than 50 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.  System upgrades can be carried out while services are live, without any potential downtime and without interrupting service delivery allowing us to deploy changes quicker than before.

Customer data is protected through the strict network security measures and latest standards that we have implemented.

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Sue Quelch