A year on from our first sponsorship of the ATC Language Industry Summit in 2018, we are pleased and excited to be supporting this year’s summit, taking place London’s maritime centre, Greenwich.

The summit’s focus on small businesses, the use of automation and AI in innovation and as an enabler of global communications fits well with Miton’s market position. Our InterpreterLine platform, is designed to help the smaller Language Service providers grow their Telephone Interpreting business through efficient automation.

In this time when technology-assisted interpreting is becoming more and more welcome, we expect to showcase in our presentation how, in its simplest application, smartphones and tablets are being put to good use.  As we visit and speak to Language Service Providers across the country, it still surprises us how the most significant of organisations are still using manual methods to connect their clients to their interpreters. Understandably organisations might shy away from the investment that they think they might have to make in technology to change this.

During our presentation slot on 19th September we invite you to sit with us and  find out how using our technology can, help LSP’s automate the process of telephone interpreting and face to face booking with the benefits of saving you money, improving your customer service all without any investment in technology.

Join us at this prestigious event.


Sue Quelch