We say many things on our website about our InterpreterLine product, (telephone interpreting platform for LSP’s) that quite frankly, if I was visiting our website I would want qualified and quantified. So, here goes!

Getting started with us, and the ‘set up’ required to use our InterpreterLine platform, we state is a ‘low investment’ and ‘low cost’– well what does that mean?  When you decide to use our platform, you are not going to need to take on any additional technical resources in house, nor are you going to need any new infrastructure like computer equipment or telephone lines.  That’s the beauty of InterpreterLine.  This ‘cloud’ based platform is accessible anywhere you have web access, MITON provide the telephone numbers and the capacity to make all the calls and all you need to do is to use the platform.  We help you get started, by porting across all of your client and interpreter information into your private and secure partition and add your company branding It takes on average a week or so before you are up and running. We also provide you and your team, all the training you need to get started.  We charge a small fee for this set up.

We state that there is a ‘high return’on your small investment.  This is because the InterpreterLine platform helps you significantly reduce your administration cost by streamlining your processes.  It means you can move away from spreadsheets and manual processes. Your clients benefit from faster connection times to interpreters and detailed accurate reporting for example, of their usage, for billing purposes.  There is a wealth of reports available to help you look at all the statistics you might need in order to measure and then improve the service you are giving to your clients.  InterpreterLine can be fully automated connecting your clients to an interpreter for 24 x 7 operation if required, with easy diversion to multiple back up agencies

Why are we qualified

We are a technology organisation expert in telephony products, providing an intelligent platform for Language Service Providers for Telephone Interpreting. We have over 20 years of experience and have been constantly improving our InterpreterLine platform, with the valuable input from our customers, adding new key features that are actually useful to you and improving its efficiency.  Our system is mature and processes many millions of minutes per year.

You can try out InterpreterLine on our demo partition, giving you a great insight in to how this platform might help your business, just give us a call or drop us an email and we can tell you how.

Sue Quelch