Busy with New Features for InterpreterLine

Our technical team don’t sit on their laurels, hitting the road running come January, they have been working on new features for our InterpreterLine product. 

For LSP’s, being able to flag that one of their clients only wants BPSS checked interpreters, can be pretty important.  We already had this feature for DBS checks, so we mirrored the feature for the BPSS checks too. What that means is now a client can be flagged as only to be put through to a BPSS or a DBS checked interpreter. If both fields are ‘checked’, then the system will ensure that both criteria is met before putting them through.

Other New Features:

We have a couple of other new features that we have added.  

Our Interpreter App Users Report now can list interpreters that are NOT using the app – useful for making sure your interpreters download and use this very efficient app.  

We have added two account ‘Reference’ fields to the client insert and update forms, that allow the LSP to add their own references which makes it easier to correlate the Miton system with LSP internal systems. Actually we did that in December!

And one other, that I have not blogged about before, and I think is a pretty cool new feature, is in the iLClient app – we have updated it to display the local language name in the local character set for the specific language.

A short description of all of our new features can be found HERE


Sue Quelch