We recognise our systems are crucial to the business of our customers and reliability is a prime consideration in their minds.  We take every precaution to ensure that the service is maintained 24 x 7 continuously.

We are proud of the reliability of our systems, and in my earlier blog I talked about MITON Systems being built with the resilience of an Airplane, with dual systems that are mirrored.  But what does that really mean?

Dual systems means we have both a main system and a back up system exactly the same. So two physical systems exactly the same, sat next to each other. Mirrored systems, means that any data changes on the main system are immediately replicated on the backup system.  So if the main system has a problem, we can switch over immediately to the back up system without any loss of data.

These systems are in a secure location at TeleHouse in London. TeleHouse is an ultra secure location that hosts a significant number of telephone service providers and those with applications that need telephone connectivity.  Both from a personal access perspective and a technology resilience perspective it’s THE premier place in the UK for this type of hosting. They have battery power back up for the systems should the power fail.

For customers of our InterpreterLine System, this is especially important as they are operating a 24 x 7 service that is crucial to their business.

For all that prevention and precaution, in the unlikely event that there is an issue, we want to be open about status of services and have added the Service Status to the MITON website so that all of our customers can check the status of the systems they are working on, at any time.