When you are up in an airplane, you really don’t want it to break down in flight!  Planes systems have built in redundancy, duplication of critical components or functions of the systems, built to accommodate any number of potential failures, increasing resilience.

Miton have the same philosophy.  Their systems are often used for mission critical applications and therefore are critical to a customer’s operations with any downtime having a serious effect.  So they ensure their systems have built in multiple redundancies, by building them with critical components duplicated.

Even the systems themselves are mirrored for increased resilience as is the case with Miton’s interpreter Line technology, that is used by Interpretation companies that have set themselves up as an agency.  The current system processes millions of error free minutes per year.

Using Miton’s technology, you can concentrate on operating your business and leave the technology to us, safe in the knowledge that it is as resilient as an airplane!