At the heart of every industry sector, encouraging market collaboration, learning’s and growth are Trade Associations.  The Languages Translation market is no different.

As an established technology company, who have specialised in this industry we considered it was time to do two things, support the industry a little better and give back if we could – joining an Association or two seemed a first step in that direction.

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC)took our eye because it was UK focused, our home market – it had a good mix of all the elements that make up the ‘Interpretation’ market, attracting a range of Language Service Providers, Translators and others suppliers in the market. But what we really liked was their drive to raise the standards of excellence in this market, promoting the adoption of rigorous quality of systems and enforcing that through their membership.  And their code of conduct seems to actually benefit the market place and the consumers of their member’s services.

Similarly the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)has a big focus on professional standards and professional development for Interpreters. We were interested to note that they act as an interface between government, industry and commerce, the media and the general public and seem to have an excellent handle on the changes in regulations in this market. They are also renown for their ITI Bulletin– a printed journal, that is eagerly awaited by its extensive readership.

We sincerely look forward to working with both associations, seeing how we can support them in their efforts – taking our gloves off and getting our hands dirty (so to speak!).  We think we have made a good start – just finished writing an article for the next ITI bulletin(fingers crossed that the editor is happy with it) and just paid for a sponsorship package to support the ATC’s Language Industry Summitin September – Cardiff here we come.

Sue Dawes

Director Communications