What a momentous week for MITON Systems Ltd, our first event with the ATC  – we are really looking forward to supporting the Summit in Cardiff this week, especially appreciating the opportunity to give a Tools Demo on Friday – we hope you will drop in.

We plan to examine and discuss the trend towards more use of Telephone Interpreting, and look at how new technologies can bring increased security, partially or fully automated service offerings and a more integrated and therefore efficient operation.

We will take a look at how new intelligent technologies that are now available, can benefit the interpretation industry offering and you will learn about how these solutions can provide:

  • Increased security against hacking: data stored in secure location
  • Streamlined integrated business
  • Have a fully automated service (24 x 7 if desired) – un-managed or operator managed client access.
  • Rapid response connecting clients to interpreters in seconds
  • Reduced overheads

…. and many more benefits that come with using a high-tech secure online platform. Language Service Providers could have access to these new technologies that you wouldn’t install and maintain in the office but could provide you with a significant competitive edge in the marketplace, where telephone interpretation is concerned.

Using MITON’s InterpreterLine platform as an example, you will gain in-depth insight into how these systems operate as through the tools demo, we look at the systems components:

  • Operator Screen
  • Client Database and billing set up
  • Billing
  • Interpreter Registration
  • Reports and Statistics

Learn how high-tech secure online platforms can help LSP’s have a competitive advantage, expand their telephone interpretation business, and make it more streamlined and automated.

If you are a language service provider, and are looking to expand your telephone interpretation business, add it as a new service, automate your telephone interpreting, reduce your administration or update outdated and manual systems, then this tool talk will help you navigate through the technology and get down to the details of the benefits of using intelligent technology to your advantage.

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Sue Quelch

Director Communications