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Meet&Talk Conferencing
For large or small companies who wish to provide an in-house conferencing service to their employees either locally or on a world-wide distributed basis
Meet&Talk Conferencing
For conference service providers who wish to provide conferencing service to their corporate customers either locally or on a world-wide distributed basis
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  • For individual Companies to provide a MeetMe type conference service to their staff, either locally or on a distributed basis.
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  • Conference Bridge in a Single Unit.
  • Multiple Bridges can be connected together to create large systems with conference spanning across multiple bridges.
  • Direct substitute for MeetMe conference services.
  • Robust design for mission-critical usage.
  • Two or more bridges can be synchronised for fail-safe operation.
  • {Linux Voice Over IP Server}Simple Installation, Operation, Control & Low Maintenance.
  • Analogue, VoIP and Digital Connections (E1/T1).
  • Option to Customise to fit your specific needs.
  • Web Browser Control, Setup & Maintenance.
  • Includes User operated conference control screen which incorporates a dial-out facility form a participant list
  • Simple or Complex Custom Versions.
    • Dial in with Password entryAudio Conference Bridge
    • Interactive Voice Response Front End
    • Auto Dial Participants
    • Lecture Conference
    • Non-booked
    • Voice Record
    • Manual Dial Out via handset of Web control
  • Voice Record as Standard with storage and retrieval of previous conferences and email notifications.
  • Voice Over IP Built-in (SIP, H323 etc).
  • Built-in Custom Conference feature for managing conference events or issues on corporate infrastructure.
  • Includes Visual Learning Tools
  • Used by conference services to provide a MeetMe type conference service corporate customers either locally or on a world-wide distributed basis.
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  • Includes all the features of Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge for Service ProvidersMeet&Talk Corporate plus the following customisable additional features:
    • Customer database
    • Booked conference facility with comprehensive daily schedule reports and graphical booking diary. This can be provided either internally and/or externally
    • Operator login facility
    • Charges rate table and billing system with associated real-time reporting and custom data export capability.
    • Built in telesales management feature to enable monitoring of prospecting lists of new prospects.
    • Account manager database
    • Enhanced Conference control that includes:
      • Queued Calls of participants awaiting an operator.
      • Capability for callers not to have to enter a conference code to join a conference, but access conferences via the operator.
      • Operator can have one-to-one conversations with conference participants
      • Dial-out lists associated with bookings, custom conferences and Users
      • Tab to view all booked conferences
      • Conference hang-up button

Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeInterpreter On Demand Solution

Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeRecorded Telephone Interview System

Telephone Interpretaton
Telephone Interpretation Service or System for "Interpreter-on-demand" solutions.
Telephone Interpretaton
Telephone interview service with recording and transcription logging capability.
 Telephone Interpretation SystemsProduct Info. Sheet  Telephone Interpretation SystemsOperator Screen  
  • Enables providers of Telephone Interpretation Services to manage and operate their service in a competitive manner. InterpreterLine can be supplied to you either as an on-line service, where you rent space on our Server, or as equipment for you to own.
  • Used by telephone interview agencies to provide a quick and convenient way to record an interview for subsequent storage or transcription. Can be supplied as a on-line service.
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  A Complete and Simple Solution
  • Professional & Reliable - Fully-automated telephony system ensures minimum time-wastage and maximum efficiency, leading to improved profit.
  • Ease of Accessibility - available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and covering as many languages as you wish to include.
  • Minimal Administration - designed to operate with the minimal of operator involvement.
  • Client Access can un-managed, or Operator managed. When un-managed, client inters PIN code followed by language code and it then automatically connected to the next available registered interpreter. When managed, the operator controls the flow of calls using an intuitive Web browser-based interface. This means the Operator(s) can be office or home based.
  • Interpreter Registration via telephone dial in
  • Rapid Response - Connects your clients with a qualified Interpreter in seconds
  • Cost Effective - Use either our on-line service or purchase your own customer site equipment.
  • Interpreter and Operator Efficiency Monitors - enables you to monitor and therefore manage the efficiency of your Interpreters and Operators.
  • Customisable to fit your specific needs.
   Back Office Administration Interfaces
  • Administration Interfaces let you manage the commercial aspects of your business, including customers and Interpreters.
  • Interpreter availability can set via Web Interfaces
  • Billing and performance reports
  • Call statistics and response analysis
   Telephone Operator Interfaces
  • Receive client calls and have complete management of the call
    • Select the chosen language
    • connect to interpreter
    • Add third party participant if required
  • Agent follows on-screen prompts to process the call enabling nonspecialist Agents to operate the system
  • Automate the identification of available interpreters for the requested language and automatically launch a call to them.
  • Automatically conference the client, interpreter and operator together. Once the Operator has confirmed the service is proceeding satisfactorily then they are at liberty to leave the conference while the client and interpreter continue to be connected. The Operator is then free to handle further calls from clients.
  • The application will continue to monitor the call and when complete will collect call details for billing purposes.
 No Obligation Demonstration and/or Configuration
Call Miton today on +44 1923 286501 for a no-obligation discussion on whether this solution can benefit your organisation.
Ask for details of our Web-based, on-line demonstration. Call +44 1923 286501, or email for access details. Formal proposals available upon request.
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  Mode of Operation
  • To be able to use the system a user needs to be registered via the Web interfaces.
  • A registered user receives a PIN which they use to identify themselves with they call into the system.
  • Once dialled in and PIN accepted, the user can then dial out to a third party and conduct the interview.
  • Once the call is finished, an email is sent to a predetermined recipient with links to either play back the recording over the internet, or download it to a local PC. This link can either be used by the User, or a transcription service.
  • The system is designed to operate with the minimal of administrator involvement.
  • Reports for billing and call statistics can be accessed via Web interfaces
  • User status can be managed via the Web interfaces
  • The user dials a single number and can dial out to anywhere in the world where the location is not barred
  • Cost Effective - Use either our on-line service or purchase your own customer site equipment.
  • Web-based demo site available
Call +44 (0)1923 286501 to request a demonstration, or discuss your specific needs.
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Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
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