“Telephone Interpretation Solutions, Audio Conference Bridges
and Specialist Telephony Products”

Products for any business that uses a telephone -small start-ups, through to large corporations

Digital Technology gives significant quality and operating cost advantage

Miton Systems are experts in applying digital technology to telephony applications.  You will benefit from our 20 years experience in this field, gained from applications installed world-wide. Our innovative products are processing many millions of trouble-free minutes of voice data in a diversity of industries.  Cost savings come from reliability of operation and simple to use interfaces giving high productivity and customer satisfaction.

Customer Driven, Technology Focused, Best of Breed

Miton’s products are customer driven and a result of a working closely with our customers to satisfy their needs.  We design, build, install and maintain simple to use custom systems hat we have delivered world-wide and pride ourselves in not having any ‘un-happy’ customers.  We can provide web based demonstrations of many of our products so you can try before you buy and have a money-back guarantee if they don’t perform to specification.

Reduced Training and User Learning times

We use widely known and supported technology, so installation, robustness and user access are kept as straightforward as possible. By utilising very simple, user-friendly interfaces and operating procedures, we have dramatically reduced training and user learning times. So systems can be installed and customised anywhere in the world with minimal support – you will always be in charge of the technology and those having access to it.