Telephone Interview Service with Recording and Transcription Logging Capability

 Mode of Operation

  • To be able to use the system a user needs to be registered via the Web interfaces.
  • A registered user receives a PIN which they use to identify themselves with they call into the system.
  • Once dialled in and PIN accepted, the user can then dial out to a third party and conduct the interview.
  • Once the call is finished, an email is sent to a predetermined recipient with links to either play back the recording over the internet, or download it to a local PC. This link can either be used by the User, or a transcription service.
  • The system is designed to operate with the minimal of administrator involvement.
  • Reports for billing and call statistics can be accessed via Web interfaces
  • User status can be managed via the Web interfaces
  • The user dials a single number and can dial out to anywhere in the world where the location is not barred
  • Cost Effective – Use either our on-line service or purchase your own customer site equipment.
  • Web-based demo site available