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  • Conference Bridge in a Single Unit.
  • Multiple Bridges can be connected together to create large systems with conference spanning across multiple bridges.
  • Direct substitute for MeetMe conference services.
  • Robust design for mission-critical usage.
  • Two or more bridges can be synchronised for fail-safe operation.
  • Simple Installation, Operation, Control & Low Maintenance.
  • Analogue, VoIP and Digital Connections (E1/T1).
  • Option to Customise to fit your specific needs.
  • Web Browser Control, Setup & Maintenance.
  • Includes User operated conference control screen which incorporates a dial-out facility form a participant list
  • Simple or Complex Custom Versions.
    • Dial in with Password entry
    • Interactive Voice Response Front End
    • Auto Dial Participants
    • Lecture Conference
    • Non-booked
    • Voice Record
    • Manual Dial Out via handset of Web control
  • Voice Record as Standard with storage and retrieval of previous conferences and email notifications.
  • Voice Over IP Built-in (SIP, H323 etc).
  • Built-in Custom Conference feature for managing conference events or issues on corporate infrastructure.
  • Includes Visual Learning Tools
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