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Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeCorporate: Audio Conference Bridge (Part 2)

Meet&Talk Conferencing"For large or small companies who wish to provide an in-house conferencing service
to their employees either locally or on a world-wide distributed basis"
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System Features

Users Registration Area. There are two types of users, viz: Conference Organisers and System Administrators. The User Name and log-on Password are used by the User to log onto the system to view reports etc. New Users are registered with the system so that they can be automatically emailed their two Conference Codes. These Conference Codes are associated with the registered participant for the life of their registration on the system, but can be changed by them periodically.

Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig 4: User registration screen

Users Report Screen. This screen shows all the Users currently entered onto the Users Database.
Conference Control Screen:  This screen enables the Chairperson to control the status of participants within their conference. Meet&Talk Audio Conference ControlConference Control [pdf]

Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig:5 User operable conference control screen


Conference Analyser Tool: Use this tool to analyse who was in the conference, and who did not arrive at the correct time to join. e.g. the Organiser was not present.
Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig 6: Real-time conference analyser tool

Fig: 3 Conference Analyser Tool

This Tool lets you search for a Conference by Date, Start & End Time and list the state of the participants according to the following legend.

All Recordings from Specific Date for User. This screen shows all the past recordings associated with Conferences that the User has held.  Recordings are automatically set to be deleted in two weeks, but using this screen can be set to be deleted immediately, or retained for a period of up to 1 year.  The User can also click on a link to the recordings and play them back over their PC interface using standard Windows tools.

Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig 6: Recording report

Fig: 4 Recordings Management
Recording is a very useful feature for participants who miss a meeting.
Departments – the system is capable of supporting multiple departments so that users associated with each department can be isolated from each other.  It is then possible to add a charging system, whereby departments are cross-billed for usage.
Incidents – The System also incorporates a system for running Incidents.  This is effectively a non-user specific set of conference codes usable by all users.  This is useful for organisations that manage systems that need telephone management in the event of a failure.

Access to Internet Demonstration Site and detailed information document, available upon request.

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Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
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