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Asterisk VoIP PBX SystemImagine the business benefits from being able to put a central office telephone extension on a remote workers desk that has all the same features of those in the central office.

This is now achievable using Miton’s VoIP+PBX Internet Telephone System, whether users are Home-based or at the other extreme are frequent Home Office Workerinternational travellers living out of a suitcase and communicating from hotel rooms. Both extremes can be closely integrated into the central Office System where each user appears as a single telephone extension on the central switch.

The office environment revolves around a company’s telephone system which enables employees to interact effectively with customers and each other to provide a consistent business image. However, more and more employees are working from isolated home offices, or small regional offices, and this has meant they could not communicate as effectively. New technology means these users can now be part of the central telephone system and be integrated into the team.

The VoIP+PBX Internet Telephone System together with Internet Telephones forms a complete telephone exchange that integrates all users as a single effective business unit. calls can flow seamlessly between from the central system and Remote Workers.

The Remote Worker can even use the central Telephone System to make outside calls – at no cost to them! Remote Workers enjoy identical telephony operation and facilities as if it were directly connected to a Telephone Server in the central company’s premises.

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