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This application in intended to provide means whereby a caller can listen to a message and then interact with it by pressing keys on their telephone handset.

Typical reactions to key-presses include:Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeIVR Advertising Response System

       {Audio Conferencing} Repeat message
       {Audio Conferencing} Repeat last 10 seconds
       {Audio Conferencing} connect to operator
       {Audio Conferencing} Leave name and address details

This system is typically used as a response system to an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine with an associated 0800, 0845 etc. call details are logged to a local database for later reporting on. It also has Web-based account management, reporting, and recording upload and caller message replay interfaces.

The system can handle multiple callers without having an engaged tone.

It is also capable of capturing the caller’s phone number and the time and date of the call.

Users can start small and grow to accommodate a large number of simultaneous callers (channels).

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