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Can be used by call centres to minimise number of Agents employed in times of peak traffic.

This System captures the name and address of a caller and passes this via Email so someone to follow-up. This system is typically used in a call centre that experiences incoming call rates that vary significantly.

Business benefits:

  • Used by call centres to minimise the number of live Agents and so reduce overheads
  • Particularly useful for capturing caller details in response to high impact advertising - such as television.
  • Avoids callers being put in a Queue with the potential drop-out that this induces
  • A call is a potential sale, so each one that is captured represents a quantifiable saving.
  • Callers do not receive busy tone because all Agents engaged, so maximising sales

Mode of Operation

  1. A call is received into the call centre, but all the agents are busy on other calls
  2. The system plays a pre-definable welcome message
  3. Callers speak their details into the telephone in response to pre-recorded questions
  4. The script is intelligent so that it recognises if responses have not be made and the question is then repeated
  5. All call details are logged for later analysis. e.g. date, time, duration of call, reason for end of call.
  6. Recorded responses are emailed to a pre-defined contact for action.
  7. Recorded responses are stored locally on the system for a pre-determined time.

Logic Diagram

Name and address capture


  1. The system can be connected to the back of a PBX which diverts calls if all Agents are busy
  2. The multiple telephone numbers (DID's) can be associated with the system to enhance call tracking
  3. Responses are stored in a local or remote database for later analysis
  4. caller details can be prioritised so that Agents call them back as a priority
  5. Script analysis is possible from examination of the drop-out time of callers in relation to the part of the script they were listening to.
  6. Scripts can be optimised to fit expected caller profiles
  7. If end script started then *.wav file saved to Predefined location
  8. If end script incomplete then *.wav file saved to Predefined location
  9. Reports are saved to Predefined location
  10. *.wav files cleaned off to archive machine every evening.
  11. Upgrade option to check importance of post code with central database

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